Camden History Society became the first history society in London, possibly in the country, to have researched the history of every street and district in its boundaries. Our regularly revised and expanded Streets volumes are designed as a series of walks, explaining the history of each street and describing former buildings and residents, but they can also be enjoyed from the comfort of an armchair.

Our annual journal, the Camden History Review, features fascinating and well-researched articles from local, national and international contributors.  You may find out about dastardly murderers, political movements, local heroes, inventions, failed ventures or vanished buildings in Camden. If you are interested in writing an article you will find more details on our Contribute page.


Discover the story of Camden's railways, its famous fraudster or its music, art and politics. This range of Camden History Society books zooms in on detailed topics that span three centuries of Camden's past.

Free Downloads

We offer as free downloads two popular articles from the Camden History Review, and the supplement to one of our books.