The Camden History Society is committed to protecting your personal information and operating within the General Data Protection Regulation (in force from May 2018). The Regulation requires that the Club identify its legal base for processing of personal data. We believe that the holding and processing of data about members is necessary for the legitimate interests of the Society. 

The data we hold are names of members, and partners if given to us, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. These data are only used for postal and email correspondence; they are retained for as long as an individual is a member of the Society and are deleted when a Member leaves. Book orders are retained until the end of the financial year and then deleted. Web contacts are not retained at all. Personal data are not available to any person other than the Membership Secretary and the Publications Manager, nor to any outside person or organisation. In the unlikely case that any data breach or unauthorised disclosure takes place, Members have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner, but we hope a Member would first alert a member of the Committee for immediate action.

Dr Henry Fitzhugh
Membership Secretary