Streets East of Bloomsbury

Streets East of Bloomsbury


Ten walks lead us through an area stretching east from Southampton Row east to the borough boundary along Farringdon Road and from High Holborn in the south to Euston Road in the north.  Though sometimes considered part of Bloomsbury, historically that lies to the west. The area here developed gradually over fields - from the start of Red Lion Square in 1684 to the completion of the Battle Bridge estate by King’s Cross over 150 years later. [More...]

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Much of the area has managed to survive and is a delight to explore. 

Notable former residents include Arnold Bennett, Thomas Carlyle, Dickens, Disraeli, Keynes, Mazzini, William Morris, Thackeray and John Wilkes. Nell Gwyn is said to have thrown wild parties at Bagnigge Wells, one of the many little spas along the former Fleet Valley, Camden’s eastern border.

2nd edition 2010