Streets of Fitzrovia NEW

Streets of Fitzrovia NEW


Fitzrovia is a fairly recent name for a district that was mainly developed well over 200 years ago. We describe it in five walks, between Oxford Street and Euston Road, including Tottenham Court Road and an area to the east dominated by University College Hospital. Virginia Woolf and the so-called Bloomsbury Set were just as much denizens of Fitzrovia as they were of neighbouring Bloomsbury. Aside from writers and artists, this once impoverished district has also been a hotbed of social revolution, with a Communist Club visited by Lenin and Stalin. [More...]


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Fitzrovia was also a meeting point for various Anarchist groups, and the place where rebellion against Spanish rule in South America was planned by Francisco de Miranda and his friends. Fitzrovia's character is changing, as creative industry offices and major new developments rear up, but it still retains for inner London a unique, community feel. It is also fun to visit with plenty of bars and restaurants.