Streets of Highgate

Streets of Highgate


Highgate has long been split between different church and local administrations, now between Haringey and Camden and this book focuses on the area within the latter. Six long walks start with Highgate’s historic core, developed from the 14th century by the gate into the Bishop of London’s park. Highgate has attracted the wealthy from late medieval times, and we chart its development from aristocratic retreat to exclusive residences for lawyers and merchants in the 18th and 19th centuries and for the rich and famous of more recent times. [More...]

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Highgate benefits by being close to Hampstead Heath and also picturesque Highgate Cemetery, described in a separate section. 

It has attracted many famous people over the centuries including include Samuel Taylor Coleridge, J B Priestley, Sir John Betjeman; actors Robert Donat and Gladys Cooper and Paul Robeson; musician Yehudi Menuhin; engineer Ove Arup and political figures such as Barbara Castle and Denis Healey.